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ri-scope® L

Premium hand held LED diagnostic instruments.

The new LED / Li-Ion Technology leads to more reliability of the instruments due to significantly longer battery service life and LEDs. Consistent light output of white and bright LEDs leads to a more efficient diagnosis.


LED illumination – bright, white light with a nearly unlimited lifetime!


  • Available for all ri-scope® L instruments and dermatoscopes, except retinoscopes
  • White high performance LED 5.500K / 17.500 Lux
  • Lifetime > 10,000 hours compared to 20-30 hours of halogen/Xenon lamps


Li-ion batteries – more light-weight, more powerful


  • 50 hours burning time of LED with fully charged Li-Ion battery
  • echargeable battery lifetime: up to 1200 charging cycles

rheotronic® – electronic light intensity adjustment for LEDs and light bulbs


  • 100% light output after short switch activation
  • Continuously variable light adjustment
  • Automatic safety shut-down after 120 seconds

Renowned high performance optics




  • glass optics with high depth focus and precise 3-times magnification up to the image margin
  • refelection minized, consistent illumination
  • fieroptics provide highest light efficiency




  • dust-proof
  • aspherical condenser lens
  • coaxial observational and illuminational light beams
  • reflection-reduced view even with small pupils



The new era
of Light and Optics

  Strumenti per O.R.L.
ri-scope® L Otoscopes
Otoscopio operatorio ri-scope®
ri-scope® F.O. tongue blade holder
Specolo nasale a fibra ottica ri-scope®
Portalampadina a squadra a fibra
  Strumenti oftalmologici
ri-scope® L ophthalmoscopes
Retinoscopio (schiascopio) ri-scope®
ri-derma® dermatoscope
Lampadine alogene HL da 2,5 V
LED / XL 3.5-V LEDs and xenon lamps
Battery handles type C
Plug-in handles
Battery handles type AA
Charging bases
Diagnostic stations
Extension modules
ri-scope® L otoscope
ri-scope® L ophthalmoscope
ri-scope® L otoscope/ Ophthalmoscope
H.N.O. ri-scope®
ri-scope® praktikant
ri-scope® perfect
ri-scope® de luxe
Retinoscopio slit ri-scope®
Retinoscopio spot ri-scope®
ri-vision® con retinoscopio slit
ri-vision® con retinoscopio spot

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LED lighting: White light, equal to daylight and enabling a perfect diagnosis due to the strong contrast of the red tones.

Halogen lighting: More intense yellow light which, compared to the LED light with 5500 Kelvin color reference temperature, displays the red tones with significantly less contrast.

Reflection-reduced, cost-effective direct illumination with 2.5-V HL halogen or 3.5-V XL xenon lamps.

Fiber optics with 2.5-V HL halogen, 3,5-V XL xenon or 3.5-V LED illumination ensure an unhindered, glare-free view.

rheotronic® makes examinations easier than flipping a switch! Riester handles with the patented rheotronic® function switch on automatically to the touch and shut off after 120 seconds by themselves when put away. The light intensity can be adjusted with the rheotronic®.


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